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Erotic Hypnosis by Madam Raison Detre the Hypnotic Mistress

Madam Raison Detre erotic hypnosis MP3’s have a sexual interest in hypnosis, where you allow yourself to relax into a place where inhibitions just melt away. Subjects find they are never freer and liberated as when they give themselves over to my erotic hypnosis control, my whispered suggestions of a real hypnotic mistress. I cover a wide range of subjects with my erotic hypnosis recordings, everything from erotic hypnosis role play, and slave hypnosis, to forced feminization hypnosis, and deep mind control hypnosis. Madam Raison Detre, your hypnotic mistress, will become your erotic reason for being.

Feminization hypnosis, chastity hypnosis and sissy hypnosis are specialties to name but a few of the interests of Madam Raison Detre, your hypnotic mistress - the list is endless. Your hypnotic mistress will seduce you and you will be engulfed by relentless erotic hypnosis passions, which will have you falling under my spell. The erotic hypnosis spell of a true hypnotic mistress. I love nothing more than taking a subject down all the way, and reshaping not just the mind with my erotic hypnosis recordings, but also the sexuality, the entire being of that subject – into something more pleasing to me. You can try to deny it, you can try to resist it; but you would not be reading this sentence if you did not in truth deeply desire to give yourself over body and soul to my own insatiable desires.

Of course you want to be completely controlled by me - and we both know it. Liberate yourself from any struggles, hand yourself to me Madam Raison Detre, your hypnotic mistress: drop to your knees before my superior self, and take the place you were born to. At my feet, and lost in me: lost in erotic hypnosis with your hypnotic mistress. Madam Raison Detre is your hypnotic mistress and my mind control erotic hypnosis techniques lead you on a journey, an alluring journey, into becoming my personal slave with slave hypnosis, my foot worshiper or a sissified panty boy for my amusement. And you will love it, for you will not be able to resist my erotic hypnosis.

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Addicted to your Hypnotic Mistress

Once you let me into your mind with my erotic hypnosis recordings, Madam Raison Detre will find your hidden refuge: your hypnotic mistress will find every weakness you have and exploit them - giving you what you always desired deep in your soul, but have been afraid all your life of even acknowledging. I will reduce all of your inhibitions and, by increasing your erotic hypnosis sexual arousal layer by layer, I shall make you addicted to the art of erotic hypnosis and addicted to your hypnotic mistress. Feel it, the truth in the core of your being. Madam Raison Detre knows you better than you know yourself!

Imagine that you possess not just the senses of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. Suppose that you are given the gift of another much more vital sense, one which allows you to experience directly and profoundly not only the world around you, but also the hidden realms within you. Now reflect for a moment: you stand ready to meet your hypnotic mistress, Madam Raison Detre who will be your erotic hypnosis reason for being.

You look at the photographs of Madam Raison Detre and see a mere glimpse of the compelling reality of the hypnotic mistress par excellence, the mistress of erotic hypnosis without equal who is about to conquer every particle of your being. Five senses define your conscious being. But a sixth and more potent sense allows you to understand, not the physical, but your subconscious mind. Yet through that inner understanding your awareness of all that is physical will be intensified. And your physical experience will be greatly enhanced. All of this will be given to you in the most fantastic erotic hypnosis by your hypnotic mistress, Madam Raison Detre.

With this incredible gift you may become the person you are meant to be. You may leave behind the anxieties and worries. Your hypnotic mistress, Madam Raison Detre will help you to discard the negativity contained within such destructive thoughts. Madam Raison Detre is a professionally trained hypnotist who, as an immensely skilled hypnotic mistress, will help you through erotic hypnosis to achieve first a calm and relaxed state of being as your tensions fade away, then a sublime erotic arousal of every part of your physical and mental self, and finally an orgasmic erotic hypnosis release which is astonishing in the vitality and immediacy of its sexual force.

Your hypnotic mistress, Madam Raison Detre, gives you an intensely sensual erotic hypnosis experience like no other before. If you have enjoyed the services of a hypnotic mistress before, then you are about to discover bliss beyond comparison: your previous experiences will seem incomplete, insubstantial, and insufficient. If this is your first encounter with a hypnotic mistress, then be prepared: you will be utterly bewitched and totally overwhelmed by the seductive erotic hypnosis charms of Madam Raison Detre.

Madam Raison Detre has a compelling English voice.

As you sink deeper and deeper into the most sublime erotic hypnosis trance every part of your subconscious mind will be fixed upon your hypnotic mistress, Madam Raison Detre. She will relax and soothe you, as you enter the serene tranquility of her dominion. Then your hypnotic mistress will begin to take your world apart as she reveals with her professional and awesome skills in erotic hypnosis your most precious, your most secret needs and desires. As Madam Raison Detre does this, your arousal will grow steadily.

Her erotic hypnosis will control all of you. Your hypnotic mistress, Madam Raison Detre, will command you. The measured and rich tones of her compelling English voice will overwhelm you. And you will obey Madam Raison Detre. You will not hesitate. Just as the mythical sailors sailing in ancient seas succumbed to the sirens, will not be able resist her siren call to you, the call of Madam Raison Detre. And like those men of old, you will not want to resist the sensual temptations your hypnotic mistress sets before you as her extraordinary erotic hypnosis seduction of you nears its climax.

Madam Raison Detre, your hypnotic mistress, is breathtakingly beautiful. Her elegance and sophistication is astonishing. As the true mistress of erotic hypnosis, she is a creative force like no other. Madam Raison Detre, your hypnotic mistress, will stand before you, through the intimate medium of her erotic hypnosis MP3s or magnificently in person, dressed as she knows that you wish her to be, knowing how you need her to be, as she arouses you in a storm of passionate and erotic hypnosis emotions. You see your hypnotic mistress, Madam Raison Detre, now in your mind’s eye: a goddess from the beauty of her long legs to the redness of her lipstick inviting you to come to her, to come for her, to come with her.

Her corset holds her hypnotic mistress waist just as you wish to. Her stockings are smooth upon her legs, caressing them from her delicate feet to the soft whiteness of her thighs just as you want to. The marvels of Madam Raison Detre’s breasts are touched by satin; the sexually-charged mysteries of your hypnotic mistress are hidden tenderly within her satin panties. Oh, how you crave that touch of erotic hypnosis satin. How you need Madam Raison Detre.

Your hypnotic mistress, Madam Raison Detre is here now in erotic hypnosis: your eyes see her divine splendor; you hear her voice as it pushes you further and further towards total fulfilment; your hand reaches out to touch her exquisite form; you smell her perfume intoxicating you; you taste her lips and as she moves her panties to one side, just for you, you taste the very secrets of her femininity. Each one of your five senses is now wholly possessed in truly wonderful erotic hypnosis by your hypnotic mistress, Madam Raison Detre.

But now Madam Raison Detre reaches down deep within you, probing your psyche with her sixth sense knowing you, touching you, and feeling your innermost subconscious being. You are on the very edge. Your hypnotic mistress is ready for you to share with her this incredible moment of erotic hypnosis completion. Now come to your hypnotic mistress: come for her. Now: come with her. Now! And after that blissful orgasmic release, you will relax once more as your senses begin to recover from this tempestuous liaison of erotic hypnosis with the hypnotic mistress of your dreams, Madam Raison Detre: now your very reason for being.

Seven steps to bliss with the Hypnotic Mistress

Who is the Hypnotic Mistress? How can she change your life? Do you have the courage to sink to your knees before her hypnotic charms? And beg her to lead you hand-in-hypnotic-hand to her sensual paradise? Will she choose to be your guide, your teacher, your very own hypnotic mistress?

First: You must understand that I, Madam Raison D’etre, am your hypnotic mistress. Understand too that to be in my hypnotic presence is a priceless gift.

Second: Be prepared to serve me in whatever way I choose. You may take the first step, but from that point onwards you will be a mere pawn in my game where I rule supreme as your hypnotic mistress: for I am the ultimate goddess for whom you have been searching.

Third: See my beauty, my elegance, my fabulous body. Worship at my feet. Gaze longingly upon my enticing cleavage. Trace with your eyes my hourglass figure. Yearn to touch my satin panties, tight over my pussy which holds such promise for you. For I am your hypnotic mistress.

Fourth: Accept my commands without question. I am your queen, your empress – the hypnotic mistress who will take control of every particle of your being. Disobey me and you will be cast aside without mercy.

Fifth: Be ready for the rewards that obedience to your hypnotic mistress will bring. The joys of erotic submission to a strong, intelligent and incredibly beautiful woman will bring you intensely sensual pleasures beyond your imagination.

Fifth: Accept the judgement of your hypnotic mistress: your life is in my hands. Hands which long to guide you to me.

Sixth: When I arouse you, you will sense my own arousal. My hypnotic mistress appetites are many. I am hunger and thirst. I shall demand all within you for me and only me. Satisfy me as I satisfy you: I ask for no less.

Seventh: Return to me my precious one: for your hypnotic mistress hungers for your touch as you hunger for mine. Gaining complete entry to my paradise needs practice and patience. And, I promise this, with each return to my realm, you will find your pleasures increasing rapidly.

As you sink in comfort upon your bed or chair, listening to the seductive power of my hypnotic mistress voice, you will find that all within you reaches out to me. You will be safe in my hands as I lead you into my world, to a realm where anything is possible. Where imagination overcomes reality. Where you will find a new truth. You will want me more than any woman before. And in return for your obedience and submission to me, you will be rewarded: I shall give you far more intense pleasure than any other has done.

Hypnosis reaches deep within you and allows your subconscious dreams and fantasies to emerge. I do not create these, for they are already within you: I simply reflect your own desire. Holding a mirror to your own needs. But my art and skill as a hypnotic mistress is to amplify and intensify your emotions and passions. So that each minute with me stretches to infinity. Time loses all meaning. The space between us collapses in on itself. The universe is made anew.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that my downloadable MP3s are impersonal. For they will speak directly to you, to your subconscious. For, believe me, I understand you better than you do yourself. I sense just how much you need a hypnotic mistress to control you. To guide you. To arouse you: oh yes, certainly to arouse you as never before. And then to satisfy your needs. And do not make the mistake of thinking that I will be remote from you. I will be with you in every part of your subconscious mind. Exploring your psyche.

And when our hypnotic encounter comes to a close, I shall still be with you. Your life will not be the same. You will not be the same. For I shall stay deep within you. As I want you deep within me, an essential and vital part of me. So, it is now time for you to take the first step: look through my catalogue of erotic hypnosis MP3s; make your choice; and enter the realm of your hypnotic mistress. From this point onwards you are mine. You know that you must now succumb to the ultimate temptations of your hypnotic mistress.