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Chastity Hypnosis is another excellent mp3 recording that just holds you firmly in place while reaching deeply into the dark recesses of your chaste mind. Chastity Hypnosis is an unequivocal success and has surpassed the rest of any chastity hypnosis recordings I have ever heard. Mistress has a seductive, erotic and wicked mind which will take you deeper than ever before. Starting with a gentle relaxation which takes you to a wonderful place where you are seduced by Mistress's words and voice, only to be enveloped then taken to the deepest trance and a vision of fetish beauty you will ever imagine.

Before you know it Madam Raison D'être herself is standing in front of you clad in black supple leather, of course deep lust and desire ensue who could resist her? No man in his right mind or trance for that matter. Within this chastity hypnosis mp3's woven web is also a fabulous taste of shoe and foot worship that will have you kneeling at her feet begging to be chastised; she alone holds the hypnotic key to your freedom as your chastity hypnosis key holder. To evoke this chastity hypnosis file completely there is a chastity contract and set of instructions which lock up your cock and balls that Mistress sends to you before you receive the mp3 file.

The chastity hypnosis contract between yourself and mistress must be signed and followed exactly as she says. A set of instructions will also be sent to you on how your body and penis should be prepared for your invisible hypnotic chastity device. Mistress explains prolifically with clear instructions how she will fit the chastity device to you it is important for you to read this, as the overall effects are laced with NLP which will make your chastisement 100% more effective. Please note that this is real hypnotic chastity control without a CB3000 device that when the trigger words are used the control is more than you can imagine.

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Locked in chastity until mistress gives the hypnotic trigger key to release you, but of course you do have to beg for it. Wonderfully frustrating with increasing deep feelings of submission for mistress and her chastity hypnosis will be a constant reminder that she controls you. An erection will be none existent but erotic thoughts weren't, they are a constant reminder of mistress's power and control, leaving you with a deep aching and need to serve, to be trained by this chastity hypnosis mistress herself. Chastity Hypnosis is more than I could even have imagined and gives feelings of deep frustration which increases your submission and ownership as there is no way out until Mistress gives the hypnotic trigger word for release. A beautiful yet wonderfully excruciatingly hypnotic experience of tease and denial, in fact 53 minutes of lust and desire only to be locked in chastity, then the release which explodes like fireworks. Review by Ffajira, a chastity hypnosis slave.

Chastity Hypnosis MP3

Price: $20.00

Chastity Hypnosis MP3

Chastity Hypnosis Mp3 is a wonderful bitter sweet hypnotic file. Before you even listen you will be prepared with neuro linguistic programming in the form of a chastity hypnosis contract that is sent to you with the mp3 download, that you must sign and return to me. Preparing your mind and body for what is to come chastity femdom hypnosis also arrives with a set of instructions for hypnotic preparation of your body and explains exactly how the hypnotic chastity device works. Chastity Hypnosis is 53 minutes of preparation, relaxation and hypnotic chastity where you are lulled into deep relaxation then before you know it you are in my chambers worship at my feet, worshiping my shoes. I have also incorporated a certain amount of leather fetish as I am dressed head to toe in the softest sensual leather you would ever imagine.

Your cock and balls are then prepared to go into the CB3000 chastity device; you have no choice as I hold the key to freeing up your penis for release. Release can only be gained once I give you the hypnotic key but remember we firstly have to agree the time and place stated in the contract you would have already signed. Therefore be very careful what you wish for with chastity hypnosis as you will be locked in chastity until I give the key.

Format: Chastity Hypnosis MP3 Download
Vocal Sound Effects: Yes
Soft Background Music: Yes
Overdubbing Vocals: Yes
Length: 53 minutes

Chastity Hypnosis short clip of MP3

Chastity Hypnosis Trigger Key

It is 2am, and the world outside is silent. I am tucked snugly in my bed, naked save for my pyjama shorts and the hypnotic chastity device installed and fitted by mistress and her chastity hypnosis mp3. I have been restless, sleep coming only in small fits and starts. The one thing on my mind is Mistress and her control over me with her chastity hypnosis and how much she enjoys it. My cock racing from full attention to flaccid and back as my mind wanders and then returns to the task of keeping my arousal in check. I check my mail, hoping beyond hope that Mistress might be feeling generous and decided to send me more commands via her chastity hypnosis programme.

There are two emails concerning chastity hypnosis, I am surprised and fear their contents, why are there two? The first is a command, such a sexually fuelled command that I almost lose control, but I am invigorated by the promises Mistress also gives; I will be released soon, released from her chastity hypnosis. My manhood hardens to an almost painful tension and will not be talked down, with thoughts of Mistress standing over me caressing her leather skirt and corset, just watching me writhe in submissive discomfort. I stroke the stubble on my groin that mistress commanded me to shave with her chastity hypnosis trying to take the sensation from my bound penis which her chastity hypnosis has put firmly into place.

And then I’m released, the hypnotic trigger key has been received. The arousal overflows, my breath coming in ragged gasps, and I haven’t even touched myself yet, the chastity hypnosis has done so much. I prop myself up in my bed, back against the headboard. I have begun writing, as commanded, intermittently stroking my thighs and groin and torso, fondling my testicles, but deliberately avoiding my heavy, throbbing cock. I’ve been waiting anxiously for days to receive the antidote to her chastity hypnosis. I can go a few more minutes to ensure Mistress’ pleasure with my chastity hypnosis I am oozing pre-cum, and my anticipation is extreme.

I cannot wait any longer, I must touch! A soft moan escapes my parted lips as I slowly slide a fingertip along the side of my shaft oh to be free of this chastity hypnosis device. Twice more I do this, letting my hand remember the feel of my cock, then moving to grasp the shaft with two fingers underneath and thumb on top. My juices are like a torrent, and my fingers slide slick up and down my shaft, catching on my sensitive, circumcised skin. Wanting this pleasure to last, I am also interspersing my writing as I slowly bring myself to climax. Mistress tells me she very much aroused at the thought of her control over me.

I have never had a greater compliment paid from a beautiful mistress and her chastity hypnosis. The thoughts of her pleasure make me lightheaded and increases the throbbing in my desperately wanting cock. I will read her chastity hypnosis mail numerous times over the course of my release, her desire in turn fuelling mine. To once more be free of her chastity hypnosis device is so wonderful but I know once it is done, I will want to be under her control again and that of her chastity hypnosis device.

In the few moments I have been typing I have gone soft with thinking of chastity hypnosis, so I grab the base of my cock with the two-fingered grip and encourage it to grow once more. Quickly moving to a ring grip as my manhood reaffirms itself, thumb to index finger, stroking firmly from base to head, pulling on the ridges but never sliding over, just slowly milking my shaft. My left hand seeks a nipple to gently squeeze and twist, causing me to gasp, and I am again caught by the vision of Mistress standing before me, mouthing her hypnotic trigger key from chastity hypnosis.

I can deny my need no longer the chastity hypnosis device has been triggered and every stroke bringing forth a moan, or a gasp, or both as the pleasure overtakes me. My head tilts back and rests against the wall and I close my eyes to focus on the sensations coursing through me as my breath quickens. Mistress, your humble slave thanks you for the gifts you allow and in particular the amazing recording of chastity hypnosis along with its chastity contract and instructions for preparation. I shift my grip, now with full handed stroking from base to tip, thrusting my hips into my fist.

My need has become primal; must cum… need to cum… unstoppable pressure… Mistress commands! Two handed now, trying to prolong the pleasure that has so eluded me with the chastity hypnosis device for as long as I can, both hands forcing against the other to reduce the motion against my cock. My gland is engorged, bright red and extremely sensitive and still I continue to drag my palms up and down against it. I am past the point of no return; all that remains now is losing myself in the blissful friction; my chest is heaving and with my self-control lapsing guttural grunts and an occasional “yes, yes, please” can be softly heard.

Chastity hypnosis is all of this and very much more. With a full-bodied spasm and a wordless cry “Ahhhh”, my submission bursts forth, shooting well over the tissues I had prepared, such was the anticipation Mistress had built in me. With more force and volume than any other release I’ve had prior. There is no control anymore, just my submission and pleasure. My body continues to twitch as waves of pleasure roll through me, one long, intense orgasm. I can make no thoughts; I can make no words; just the basic autonomous response to sexual completion, squeezing the last of my submissive juices from my dripping and spurting, twitching penis.

Mistress and her chastity hypnosis have brought forth in me feelings and thoughts I did not know were there until chastity hypnosis. As I come back to my senses and regain a semblance of control over my body, I offer my thanks to Mistress and her chastity hypnosis, quickly I clean up the mess that she had obliged that I make, finally resuming the writing of this remembrance. My body is relaxed, replete and extremely satisfied, yet my cock wants more. It always wants more, that is why chastity hypnosis can control me completely anytime mistress triggers her hypnotic key.

I have never experienced this sort of intensity before with a mistress, it is like she is reading my mind and I am just her puppet to play with and she pulls the strings and now to sleep, the deepest relaxed sleep, satisfied until the morn. Thank you Mistress for your wonderful chastity hypnosis MP3, your slave fanged

Mistress of Chastity Hypnosis

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Robert C Chastity Hypnosis Diary 2013

February 5 2013, 2:24 pm

I am into my third day of chastity to Madam and her chastity hypnosis mp3. I have listened to chastity hypnosis twice today already. I have been using it along with slavery hypnosis. I fall incredibly deep almost as soon as I hear her voice. I am beginning to feel the effects of the chastity hypnosis now. The erection that I could get yesterday is a thing of the past. Not that it mattered, I was completely numb. Madam has sewn me in to her web so nicely. I don't want to be free of this or of her chastity hypnosis. My thoughts are constantly on Madam. The more that I try to work it becomes so difficult that I just want to listen to her incredible voice and her wonderful chastity hypnosis mp3. I am developing feelings of wanting to stay in a permanent chastity for Madam.

2:47 pm
I can't help but stare at her pictures and listen to chastity hypnosis. I can't concentrate on anything. My body wants to react to her pictures but my mind with chastity hypnosis is blocking it. I am learning that in the hours after I listen the effects grow more and more. After the chastity hypnosis is firmly in place, what do you recommend to permanently brainwash me to the point of no return for you, forever?

5:57 pm
I finished another session of Chastity Hypnosis followed by Slavery Hypnosis. That was incredible. Madam's voice was so incredible. I am confused though. I am not supposed to be able to get an erection but during the session I became exceptionally hard. It felt incredible and your words were like pure sex. I could not touch myself, so the chastity hypnosis is in effect. Is this normal? I intend to loop the MP3 and play it as I sleep tonight, chastity hypnosis forever.

February 5, 2013 9:34 pm
Chastity Hypnosis is really starting to break me down. I am aching for an orgasm but I can't get an erection. I can't stop looking at your photographs and I am about to loop the file to play all night. I want to kneel at your feet to show you how weak I am becoming.

10:52 pm
This is where I belong. You own me now. You are in complete control. I submit my life to you. I will serve you in any way that you wish with or without your chastity hypnosis. I can't stop listening to your voice. I want to beg you to let me orgasm but I want to stay in chastity until you know that I am completely under your control. Please take control over every part of my life?

Chastity Points of Intrigue for Chastity Hypnosis

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Chastity Hypnosis Pleading Toy

My fingers begin to shake like those of an old man, and my mind turns to mush as I attempt to write a huge epistle to Madam RaisonD’être, to plead for the release from chastity hypnosis, albeit at least temporally, of my poor dishevelled manhood. What shall I write, how shall I try express myself so that I can try to ensure that she will even take the slightest bit of notice of the faint buzzing of my pleading for release? Whilst thinking, I write the word "Please" Please release me from chastity hypnosis five hundred times and then delete them all. The moment my mind moves onto writing, it is suddenly filled with a magnificent vision of her in her most glorious black leather corset and skirt.

I can smell the leather, which makes me breath deep, and feel the suppleness of it, like a second skin, clinging to her curvaceous form. Oh how I would love to feel it in real life, smooth and strong but I do have chastity hypnosis. Then my caged and downtrodden manhood tries to rise to the occasion, only to go dead on the vine. Numb, broken, caged and controlled. God, I have never wanted to use it as much as now, when I can't because as you know I am locked in chastity with chastity hypnosis. How can I plead to her and her chastity hypnosis? How can I impress upon her mighty mind that I am suffering.

I have learnt in a short time just how vulnerable and weak this slave of hers is to the simple concept of chastity hypnosis? What else could bring this silly human to his knees like that? Why can I not find words to use to ask for blessed relief? Again, I sit dazed at the keyboard, trying to think but how can I think with chastity hypnosis. Suddenly, like demons emerging from the depths, visions of sucking her viciously spiked heels fly, unwelcome into my head, bringing my unfulfilled arousal into sharp relief as an almost exquisite pain. What am I learning here from chastity hypnosis? Yes Mistress, lock me up! Again the phrase that flies into my head constantly, she knows why it is there.

I cannot quite grasp what I am asking for although deep inside I know I want chastity hypnosis. Why has she made me feel I need some form of bondage? I have bondage already, on my cock and balls... It feels so real; I am finding it hard to pee. How can I express this to her and throw myself at her infinite mercy and the mercy of her chastity hypnosis? Finally, I begin to write and it starts to flow now as do my juices for chastity hypnosis. "Please Great Goddess! Oh she who has this unworthy worm on her leash, please, in all your wisdom and most magical skills of hypnotic suggestion, oh I beg of you to put me out of my misery.

Give me a glimpse of the key to my sexuality that you hold in your beautifully manicured hands. I will do what you want me to do. I shall please you by doing your will - Anything that is in my power to do. Any distraction of this constant gnawing urge... I beseech Thee allow me relief and freedom from chastity hypnosis. I throw myself at your magnificent feet, and ask with outstretched arms, please, oh please allow me some morsel, some path to freedom from this, your enforced chastity! Allow me to glimpse the key to my sex, tell me what to do to get it... Your will is my will." He collapses at the keyboard, exhausted and drained, mouthing the words "Yes Mistress, Lock me up" over & over again lock me up with your chastity hypnosis. You’re pathetically pleading toy locked in chastity with chastity hypnosis, Neil.

Chastity Hypnosis Steel Device

Chastity Steel DeviceChastity HypnosisChastity Steel

Chastity Hypnosis Diary kept by Slave Graeme

Chastity Hypnosis Diary Day 1- Saturday, 6:30pm February 18th 2012
Mistress has just triggered my chastity hypnosis device via an email I know I asked for it, but I also know she wouldn’t have done so if she didn’t want to. Initial reactions are an intense arousal and pleasure that I can once more submit to her, a longing for the eventual blissful release and dread that no matter how much I may wish, I will still have to live through this intensely frustrating time and carry on listening to Chastity Hypnosis.

Saturday, 8:12pm
Cooking dinner well, reheating left-over’s actually. Still very excited about showing my submission to mistress and looking forward to listening to Madam’s Chastity Hypnosis mp3. Thinking about that leather skirt she describes she is wearing during the recording. Haven’t listened since I was last released, but absolutely love the trance it gives.

Saturday, 10:20pm
Done my internet socialising, tinkered with some problems from work and generally kept I busy all evening, but can’t wait any longer. Going to listen to Chastity Hypnosis, I want to feel the device slide into place and hear that click as I give myself over to Mistress’ control. Might follow up with mistress’s Private Dancer hypnosis mp3; just too really get in the mood.

Chastity Hypnosis Diary Day 2 -Sunday, 9:30am February 19th 2012
A lazy Sunday started and getting ready to listen to chastity hypnosis. First thing on my mind as I awaken are Mistress’ smile and her hold over me. I’m not yet in desperate straits but I’m sure that will resolve itself over the course of the day. Grab my coffee and bundle my washing, today is a day of chores and finally to listen again to chastity hypnosis.

Sunday, 1:30pm
Lunch has been had and I am expecting family to visit in a few hours. In idle times, I can see Mistress face in my mind on occasion, pleased with the secret we share. Wondering if anyone will notice or comment on my new shaving regime. The shaving regime that had to be done per the chastity hypnosis contract, then signed and returned to mistress.

Sunday, 5:30pm
Finally got rid of the family a while ago and finishing off my chores, should start thinking about dinner. Starting to get close to my personal indulgence time, can feel the familiar tingling, aided no doubt from the knowledge that I can NOT masturbate due to chastity hypnosis. Going to play some very masculine computer games (Battlefield3) to keep my mind off of my stress of being unable to masturbate. Expect Mistress to be awake soon, doubt that will help much and in fact will make matters worse as I know she will be awake and the time difference due to me being in Australia listening to chastity hypnosis.

Sunday, 7:15pm
Dinner’s done, all the chores are finished. Time to just relax and try to forget about this impending summer rain... the air is practically dripping. Managed to keep thoughts of Mistress at bay for the most part, although I’m acutely aware she’ll be active soon. Will be listening to Chastity Hypnosis again tonight, still experimenting with my trance ‘depth.’ Besides, love hearing her voice. No erection yet, but then nothing to really capture my interest today either but that normally doesn’t take a lot although chastity hypnosis has stopped anything.

Sunday, 10:40pm
I gave Mistress my access password to read this diary as its being written, time to wrap up the evening, I think. Very busy day tomorrow full of meetings and collaboration plus early start, I will lose myself in Mistress’ beauty as offered by her Chastity hypnosis teaser movie and then I’m headed for the shower, something nice and cold to ease this humidity and my ardour. And now another run of chastity hypnosis to follow to keep me well under her chastity hypnosis control.

Sunday, 11:20pm
I am extremely impressed, overjoyed and a bit worried. Showered but got no erection, and not for a lack of fantasising. Seems the hypnotic chastity device is working.
Chastity Hypnosis Devices

Chastity Hypnosis Diary Day 3 - Monday, 8:15am February 20th 2012
A quick chastity hypnosis log as I have my morning coffee, heading to work very shortly.
Ended up listening to Chastity Hypnosis three times last night, once by accident (my player loops). Can certainly feel the pressure in my loins this morning, nothing uncomfortable but a steady reminder of whom I belong to the chastity hypnosis mistress ‘Madam Raison D’être’. Today will be an interesting day.

Monday, 3:30pm
Busy, busy day, not run off my feet, but having to negotiate and plan with so many groups has kept me on my toes (We start new projects today). Little time for deep thoughts about Mistress and her chastity hypnosis, but she sits there at the back of my mind constantly, always watching and waiting in her leather corset and skirt. I may not be thinking about it, but my subconscious knows my release is fast approaching. I can feel my anticipation and arousal building already, more of chastity hypnosis needed.

Monday, 6:00pm
Had enough of work for today just want chastity hypnosis, been hacking at iPhone graphics systems for the last few hours, shoulders are tight from the eye strain (poor lighting). With every entry into this log I find my anticipation growing. I expect the trip home will be filled with thoughts and visualisations of Mistress delivering her chastity hypnosis in person. Thought I would last longer, but it seems I will hit Mistress’ time-frame for me on the mark it can’t come quick enough.

Monday, 7:45pm
Dinner’s cooking, dug out one of Mistress’ stockings she had so generously gifted me; I’ve not found her scent all day and I’m disappointed, needed the reminder. Just the smell of her can send me reeling. Starting to feel the throb more and more now another listen to chastity hypnosis beckons

Monday, 9:00pm
Watching my internet TV shows and hanging out in chat rooms, craving chastity hypnosis. Found a new Australian-based femdom site, but only 2 other people currently in chat. Mistress is foremost on my mind right now. Will she trigger me before I sleep, after I wake, or not at all tonight? Will she wait until I beg, or will she force the pleasure upon me? The anticipation almost leaves me breathless with listening to chastity hypnosis over and over again.

Monday, 10:50pm
Chatting with Carlin in a chat room, discussing methods of brainwave entrainment and how they work. Imagining Mistress watching me squirm with her chastity hypnosis, deciding whether she’ll release me when I awaken or if she’ll let me struggle through what is sure to be a distracted and humbling day tomorrow. If that happens I will likely be begging for release tomorrow evening, I should probably head to bed soon, another round or two of Chastity Hypnosis before sleep.

Chastity Hypnosis Diary Day 4 - Tuesday, 12:30am February 21th 2012
I had to force myself to remove my headphones. I need to get some real sleep before tomorrow. The more I listen to chastity hypnosis, the more I truly am becoming addicted to Mistress’ voice. Content to float on that velvet caress, I want everything she offers and would give anything she asks for. It is very, very hard to put away the player tonight as chastity hypnosis is consuming me.

Tuesday, 8:20am
Weird dream last night, can’t really recall the details, was definitely related to submission and chastity hypnosis. Obviously woke up with Mistress on my mind and only a slight firming in my loins, grabbing a quick coffee and shower before work.

Tuesday, 11:00am
Daily commute was pretty easy today, clear roads, good tunes to screech to, had time to reflect on last night’s listening pleasure. Now, I appreciate how self serving this will sound given that Mistress is reading this chastity hypnosis diary, but I wish she would tell me in person that I am her slave and that she is my owner. I find I’m being drawn to the idea of being collared by her, even if only hypnotically collared, more and more. Reckon I’ll have to set a Skype session for that and indulge myself in her chastity hypnosis

Tuesday, 12:30pm
Time for lunch, thoughts of Mistress’ body flooding my mind and her chastity hypnosis; her face, her lips, her breasts, her hips, her legs and feet and finger tips. A nice reprieve from the circular-logic tasks I’ve been working on all morning. I can feel my need building must listen to chastity hypnosis.

Tuesday, 2:40pm
Finally straightened out my circular problem, turns out it was my fault all along (hate that). Still have Mistress and chastity hypnosis constantly on my mind now, and keeping this diary doesn’t help. I’m pleased by the thought of her pleasure at my submission. I will be begging for release tonight, I dearly hope she grants it.

Tuesday, 4:30pm
So, new problem arose (not my fault this time) but it’s going to take a few hours to resolve and can’t be arsed starting it right now. Done the office tour to see what my peers are up to and help where I can. Going to head home and work on a personal software project. Will likely hang out in the few chastity hypnosis chat rooms I use while I think about when and how I should beg for my release. Physical privacy will be hard to come by before 11pm, but it might happen sooner with chastity hypnosis.

Tuesday, 7:00pm
Saw a couple of very sexy hand-drawn comics on one of the chastity hypnosis web forums just now... panting. Got a call from a friend a few minutes ago to come fix his computer after 8pm, which should keep my mind occupied, well let’s hope anyway, until release it’s just chastity hypnosis for me.

Tuesday, 7:30pm
Finding my attention span is infinitesimal, don’t want to watch TV; I don’t want to play games. Don’t want to do much of anything except serve Mistress and chastity hypnosis. Reading BDSM stories from online archives probably isn’t helping please bring on my release.

Tuesday, 9:45pm
The time is almost nigh, hooray I should press my suit with Mistress, but I now find myself unable to think of an eloquent way to begin. I hope she has been entertained, at least and my chastity hypnosis lock up is not in vain.

Tuesday, 10:40pm
Have just emailed Mistress, I admit it’s more pleading than begging, I’m not sure I could properly do begging in an email. Oh yes I can for the ultimate release. I expect she’s busy--when is she not? But hopefully she will respond before I have to sleep. I fear that she may decide this is one of those times to ‘extend’ the contract at her whim. I don’t regret signing up, she is an amazing woman couples with chastity hypnosis extremely powerful.

Tuesday, 11:20pm
I have had no response yet from Mistress but that’s not unexpected, physically I could probably last longer, but it’s my mental conditioning that’s pushing my limits. I’ve been so focused on my state of arousal, due in no small part to keeping this diary that I’m starting to literally ache for release. Another day or so and I could well be on the floor grovelling like the true submissive I am. I can feel the need to relieve myself becoming almost uncontrollable, unbearable but I will endure for her. My true submission begins now.

Chastity Hypnosis Diary Day 5 - Wednesday, 8:40 February 22th 2012
Straight into a cold shower this morning, seems the suggestion of insensitivity hasn’t stuck. Shower seems to have worked for now, having my quick coffee before heading to work. I expect I will have trouble concentrating all of today. I hope I’ve not displeased Mistress, and that she’s only playing with me, I wish. I do enjoy being her slave, and giving her this power over me, and I’m certainly starting to appreciate how much it really does test my submission.

Wednesday, 10:00am
I seem to have calmed down; work is running smoothly at the moment. Came up with an idea for something that might tickle Mistress’ fancy, something I promised a long time ago, but not giving spoilers. I will seek Mistress’ advice on how to beg appropriately tonight, and if that still doesn’t work, I will simply keep this diary knowing that she’ll release me in her own time. I hope I can last that long, chastity hypnosis is calling again.

Wednesday, 10:30am
I was doing so well, too, until I wrote my last entry, now I can’t seem to get Mistress out of my mind. Imagining her cherry-red lips blowing a kiss at my discomfort and laughing, very difficult not to daydream about falling to me knees before her and begging release from chastity hypnosis

Wednesday, 1:00pm
Lunch break concluded I have come to the realisation that if Mistress doesn’t release me soon, I will probably have to shave again. I am finding it difficult to concentrate on work, but I suspect that’s more my natural tendency to procrastinate than anything else. Every now and then I’m tempted to go relieve myself, and then outright reject the thought. As much as her indefinite hold over me is worrisome, I am terrified of what would happen should I disappoint and disobey her like this, I am not worthy of femdom chastity hypnosis, oh yes I am; now I am arguing with myself.

Wednesday, 3:30pm
It’s Orientation Week at the university, and today was IT day to send all the new students on fun little errands (a ‘discovery tour’ of the campus). The pretty admin that does the contracts for the school was helping out, and she showed up in her blue jeans and red uniform baby-doll T-shirt with a loose, brunette ponytail; I just couldn’t resist flirting. We get along well, now just whiling away the time before I can clock out and get back to my chastity hypnosis mp3.

Wednesday, 5:40pm.
It has (finally) occurred to me that maybe Mistress Wants something from me, will ask her later. Have a couple of hours to myself to polish off Mistress’ surprise and catch up with internet-friends (chat rooms). I do have real friends; we just don’t meet very frequently.

Wednesday, 7:12pm
Mistress is undoubtedly awake by now, and I still have work to do on her surprise.

Wednesday, 8:00pm
Sending my gift and once again begging for release. When allowed to focus on my need the ache turns into a heady throb and I can think of little else except how to please Mistress enough that she might release me from her chastity hypnosis lock.

Wednesday, 8:30pm
Have realised I could call Mistress on her phone, I have Skype credit. Not sure if she’d be pleased or if she’d find it intrusive I will have to ask her about that later. The last time I excluded reality from my submission I got into a lot of trouble, will not have that happen again. I will wait until phone contact is approved by Mistress.

Wednesday, 9:00pm
Consciously, I want to obey Mistress and will not touch. Subconsciously, I must obey Mistress and cannot touch. Unconsciously, I fear my body may ease the pressure of its own accord.

Wednesday, 9:30pm
Mistress has so graciously granted my reprieve. I tried to take my time and savour the pleasure that had been denied for so long, but in the end needs must shower my submission. As promised, the orgasm that Mistress has allowed me was intensely powerful and I am replete. I am intensely aware of who controls me: Thank you, Mistress.

Wednesday, 9:50pm
I feel amazing! As my body comes down from the orgasmic high and begins to realise that I’m no longer bound, I find myself feeling ecstatic. I’ve only felt this good one other time, and that was my first trance with Mistress.

Wednesday, 11:30pm
This will probably be my final entry. The anxiety has gone and I’m just relaxing before bed, thinking of all the work I need to catch up on. Mistress never strays far from my thoughts these days, even when I’m not locked up. I dearly wish to speak with Mistress but I know she’s particularly busy today (Mistress may ask me if she want to know how I know). I want nothing but to serve her, and I enjoyed my duration and release as her chastity slave. Her power and control over me (or maybe it’s the orgasm) are completely addictive and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I will be begging her to lock me up again; just not this week, I have deadlines to catch up on although I cannot resist, I want, yearn to listen to chastity hypnosis yet again.

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Chastity Hypnosis by Thomas

Dearest Madam Raison D’être,

The first time you locked me in chastity I was not really prepared for the intensity of the feelings I would experience with chastity hypnosis it has gone far and beyond that. When you finally did release me via the trigger in chastity hypnosis I was at work and the flood of erotic feelings that washed over me caught me totally by surprise. I was incredibly horny and had no where to find release. Later that evening my wife and I had an amazing hour long round of sex with multiple orgasms for her (oh, how I love making her cum orally), but I was unable to come. She was begging me to unload inside her and I just couldn't get over the edge because of your chastity hypnosis.

Then all I could see was your gorgeous blond visage and your voice echoing in my mind; "Cum for me slave, cum NOW". Goodness me what an orgasm I had; it felt like my soul was leaving my body. My wife told me she was leaking all day at work the next day. I am telling you this because I live to serve you Madam and your chastity hypnosis; I want you to know that the release you grant me is used in your honour. I am now desperate for release and have been listening over and over again to chastity hypnosis. I spent most of my day at work today sneaking looks at your photos.

I cannot get you out of my mind and desperately want to cum for you and at your command of course. I also want to please my wife it has been three days and she is really teasing me unmercifully. I have to claim that my back hurts too much. I am not sure I can put her off much longer, but I really don't want to present her a flaccid cock locked in chastity with your chastity hypnosis; you are most beautiful and powerful woman in the world. So, I am prostrate on the floor, begging you for release from your chastity hypnosis. I am begging you to have mercy on your devoted slave, begging you to have mercy on my wife if for no other reason.

Begging you to at least be able to get hard and make her happy. I assure you my ensuing orgasm will be yours, all yours with your chastity hypnosis. Your obedient and loving slave of chastity hypnosis Thomas

Chastity Hypnosis Diary by Francis

Chastity Hypnosis Diary Day 1 - Sunday March 11, 2012
Early this morning, I looked several times for the E-mail from mistress that would contain those special words and begin this seven day period of servitude to my Mistress. When that awaited for E mail came, I wasted no time in opening it. I then read those big red letters, and instantly became locked into Chastity hypnosis chastity. A life altering time has begun. As the day went on, I kept thinking of how I was now mentally in a chastity hypnosis device which was holding me locked in chastity.

When I went to pee, I was compelled to sit down. No big deal because when I get out of bed in darkness I often sit to pee so as to avoid missing the target and peeing on the floor. As the day progressed, I kept thinking about being locked in chastity with my mistress’s chastity hypnosis and how did I come to put myself into this helpless situation. Once I had heard her voice, did I ever have a chance of refusal? And so a day ends with her on my mind and in my thoughts

Chastity Hypnosis Diary Day 2 - Monday March 12, 2012 11:45am
I got up and had breakfast early this morning, but not before I checked my E-mail for any chastity hypnosis news. I do get an “oh! Good” reaction when I spot mail from my mistress. I wanted to see if there was mail from my mistress giving me further instructions to do things right. I replied, and sent to her my diary notes from yesterday, Sunday March 11th. After breakfast I sat down on a recliner to listen to mistress’s chastity hypnosis recording.

I have listened to chastity hypnosis files from another hypnotic lady, and could pretty much tell you what it was about. That is not true when I hear the voice of my new and final Mistress. I cannot imagine now listening to anyone else. I do know that I heard ever spoken word of chastity hypnosis, but that I had been deeply asleep. I do know that while listening I was yet thinking about how I was not only hearing, but her words were affecting me consciously and subconsciously with her chastity hypnosis.

2:30 PM
A later checking of E-mail, and in it Madam told me what she meant by entering the time. Simple- I had come to that conclusion early. Where was my brain had it totally evaporated with chastity hypnosis? I find that if I do not have time to listen to a complete chastity hypnosis recording, I can pick out spots to listen in on. And I am really buying into all of what I hear What I hear certainly gets into my mind, and although I do not remember much, I am certain that what I hear is getting deeply imbedded in my sub consciousness with chastity hypnosis.

The idea of starting to listen in at places along the chastity hypnosis file is not working for me her voice soon has sent my mind to another place, control is lost, and who knows when I will be back and know what is going on. I have found that the chastity hypnosis recording has even been on a repeat I know that I lose some free will even when awake or thoughts of mistress would not be with me as much as they are.

I had a little free time, and so I thought that I would listen to chastity hypnosis once again. I was soon in another place, and I then came to my awareness sometime after the chastity locking device had been placed upon me. It seems that I go in and out of periods of awareness while listening. I know that I mentally picture the scenes that she is describing and they are very exciting to me at the time, but later do not really remember except chastity hypnosis has a tighter grip on me.

11.20 PM
I think that by writing down both the days and times of the diary entries, I tend to go get to writing more often, and therefore tend to be writing down my thoughts more often. But she knew that anyhow, .the very fact that I have written several times today leads m e to think that I have some loss of my free will! And I do not even care if that it is happening to me; chastity hypnosis is all I want.

Chastity Hypnosis Diary Day 3 - Tuesday March 13, 2012 2:40PM
I have been referring to my Mistress in the third person, and not directly as “you”. It just does not come naturally to not refer to you directly in a conversation. I begin to listen to a chastity hypnosis recording and before I knew it I was awaking from sleep, and that the chastity hypnosis recording was near the end. That has happened twice already today. I was thinking about that somewhere you spoke about the superiority of women.

There is no doubt in my mind that you are superior to me because of how you can gain control over my mind by listening to your chastity hypnosis recording voice I fall willingly under your control. I cannot even begin to guess what a personal encounter with you would be like. The scenarios that you picture in your files make fantasizing so easy and so very pleasurable with chastity hypnosis. I love the feeling that comes over me, and so I want to go back and listen again and again to chastity hypnosis.

As a result of my using stereo headphones every sound and your voice come right thru each earpiece and meet right in the middle of my mind. You are having an enormous effect on me when you whisper alternately into my ears about chastity hypnosis. When you call me your slave and play toy a thrill passes thru me, and sometimes my body jolts with pleasure at those times. I will be whatever and however you ask. I am your slave and am helpful before you. That is a bit scary, I find that I am willing and wanting to obey you and your chastity hypnosis. That has not been my way, a change is happening with chastity hypnosis.

Chastity Hypnosis Diary Day 4 - Wednesday, March 14, 2012 2PM
I have four erotic hypnosis recordings from Madam, and so I was thinking about spending most of my given day listening to one of the four in particular and this refers to chastity hypnosis. Today I started by listening to” ‘Hypnotize a Slave’. I began by imaging as you describe an ocean and island scene which leads me into deeper and deeper relaxation. Later on I do not remember much at all about what was going on. I do recall totally enjoying your voice. I am thinking that I would be enjoying so much hearing you speak that I would tend to obey even if aware or awake? I feel set free by this relaxing and I am caring very little, but enjoying the voice and sounds that I am hearing at this time with your incredible chastity hypnosis.

I do not remember much or what I heard in later listening during the evening, but I seem to know that I will be your slave or am your slave. I want to get to listening to you whenever opportunities present the chance to hear you. I know that I have returned to normal from some other state and then I listened to the waves It is now late and bedtime, once again I listen to chastity hypnosis.

Chastity Hypnosis Diary Day 5 - Thursday, March 15, 2012 1:15 PM
For today I had decided to listen to ‘Mistress Slave Hypnosis’. It seems to be directing me into relaxing more and more, sometimes I go into a sleep mode shortly after the chastity hypnosis recording begins. At other times I am in a state of semi-awareness, and can hear and understand every word, but with little memory. Hearing the words and music makes me feel so relaxed and in agreement with what I am being told. What I hear from you is the truth and I know that it is going into my subconscious mind.

5:00 PM
This file on Mistress Slave Hypnosis appears to be drenching me with descriptive words of my state of being or what is leading to my condition to be. Such words are taking on personal meaning for me when I hear them from you, my mistress. Words like enchanted, bewitched and mesmerized enthral me with your chastity hypnosis.

Chastity Hypnosis Diary Day 6 - Friday, March 16, 2012 11:45 AM
Today I am paying particular attention to “Hypnotized Sex Slave”, which I just downloaded early this morning. I started to relax and relax as the file played on. After about twenty minutes, I fell into a sound sleep, I did not awake until a few minutes from the end of the file I wanted to be able to hear what you would be telling me, and so I began to listen while doing other things. I believe that if I were with you in person and this was a live experience, I would not be able to hold back from releasing soon after my wrists and legs were tied to the bed.

I have switched to listening to “Slave Hypnosis” as the day went on and then back to chastity hypnosis. This recording gets into my head from the very start as your whispering switches from ear to ear. The music does a fantastic job on me with the changing sounds. Your whispering of the word slave sends strange feelings thru me. You voice paints such easy pictures for me to imagine. And then they become as real as I am taken to another place with you. A place where I love to listen and I feel so good.

Chastity hypnosis Diary Day 7 - Saturday, March17, 2012 11.30AM
I will give be looking back at all five of Mistress’s erotic hypnosis recordings that I have downloaded, and will listen until I fall deeper and deeper. And of course I tend to listen to my favourite ones. It is not easy to choose, my two top choices would be “Chastity hypnosis’ and ’SLAVE Hypnosis”. I am thinking that “Hypnotize a Slave” would be the least favourite as I found that I was getting a bit bored with all the relaxing.

There is a lot of drama in some of the music, and I find that it builds up a sense of anticipation within me. That is a wondering of what is about to happen. All these sounds are accompanied by your expressive and hypnotic voice. The combined result of certain music sounds and voice very effectively pulls me under the control of my mistress. Mistress has a way of calling me SLAVE that pulls into me deeper under her.

I was just thinking back about ‘Chastity hypnosis’ I think that I get the most feeling within me stirred up while I am listening to it. After I have finished listening, I really do not recall very much of what had been going on. I do know where I am and maybe I am not incomplete control of my life as I used to be. I am going to bed with my Mistress’s ‘Chastity hypnosis’ playing in my ears as I go to sleep, release must come soon.