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Sensual and high quality erotic hypnosis recordings to take you to that special place that place where your subconscious accepts and wants to deepen the rapport. Within that a very special relationship develops between erotic hypnotist and you the trance subject. Willingness and acceptability has to be consent and is the key to create suggestibility, trust and the ultimate deep trance all of which can be attained with my erotic hypnosis recordings.

Conscious inhibitions just melt away as you are transported with my erotic hypnosis recordings via suggestions and your analytical mind takes the back seat for the trance to take over to indulge my creativity into seducing your mind within these two extremes of the mental spectrum. Willingness on your part to be hypnotized and give consent to me, trusting that I will guide you with my erotic hypnosis recordings into that place you desire and desperately want to be is all part of the process. The scene is set, I am ready to take you to those special places let my voice guide you as every sound I make, every breath I take amplifies your hyper awareness.

All recording samples are free to listen to and you don't even have to download them, immediately you click on the 'Play Sample' button the sample recording will play straight away. Below is just a small sample of my erotic hypnosis recordings, please feel free to have a good look around my store and enjoy the great sound quality and subject matter of my erotic hypnosis recordings.

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Feminization Bride Hypnosis - Erotic Hypnosis Recordings

Price: $33.00

Feminization Bride Hypnosis - Erotic Hypnosis Recordings

Feminization bride hypnosis has a deliberate effect to adapt and take on the traits of a beautiful bride; their day consists of the ultimate preparation. The whole body and mind is prepared for her beautiful wedding day. The bride has carefully chosen the stunning wedding dress with matching veil, tiara and of course not forgetting white satin lingerie.

Feminization bride hypnosis is just one of my many erotic hypnosis recordings that will prepares the bride’s soft smooth skin to her flowing long beautiful hair and exceptional make-up. Every single detail and description is deliciously and eloquently delivered. With my feminization bride hypnosis you will be transported by limousine to the church hearing the church bells and ready to walk down the aisle to the sound of the wedding march, the day you have been waiting for all your life has finally arrived and you are that stunning bride. Do watch this very short clip of feminization bride hypnosis and it will give you a wonderful taste of what is in store and believe me you will never want to leave this wonderful bridle trance once there. Now become that perfect bride and purchase the feminization hypnosis mp3.

The wedding dress is the dress of your dreams with all details on it, on the bed laid out for all to see is the most delicate satin white over bust corset with a sprinkling of the most sumptuous crystal embellishments. Clipped onto the bottom of the corset are 8 suspender straps each one will be attached to your pure white silk stockings anything is possible with the feminization bride hypnosis mp3. Matching white satin and lace panties finish the lingerie ensemble. A special rail has been brought in on and on it hangs the most exquisite dress you have ever seen in your life. Crisp pure white, strapless gown inspired by the French couturiers of bygone days in a spectacular strapless mermaid silhouette covered in rich corded lace, scattered with delicate beading and external boning throughout the bodice, you will become this wonderful bride with my erotic hypnosis recordings.

Format: MP3 Erotic Hypnosis Recordings Download - Erotic Hypnosis Recordings
Vocal Sound Effects: Yes
Soft Background Music: Yes
Overdubbing Vocals: Yes
Length: 64 minutes

Feminization Bride Hypnosis MP3 Clip - Erotic Hypnosis Recordings

Slave Erotic Hypnosis Recordings

Experience each of my erotic hypnosis recordings one by one and then just languish in the fact that I have you well and truly controlled. Pure pleasure and enjoyment is submitting yourself to me your beautiful hypnotist with this bundle of 3 slave training erotic hypnosis recordings mp3's. Starting with Hypnotized Slave Hypnosis followed by Masturbation Slave Hypnosis and finally finishing in a crescendo with Orgasm Slave Hypnosis now what could be more controlling than that?

Erotic Hypnosis Recordings allows your body to remember the way it feels when you are really excited and aroused, having that big hard erection. You know exactly what I am talking about and it will come so naturally just by listening to my erotic hypnosis recordings. Learn how to become multi-orgasmic which is your true primal innate nature when listening to my erotic hypnosis recordings which offer intense orgasmic fantasy. Each erotic hypnosis recordings costs £19.99 or buy the bundle of 3 for £54.99, purchase them now, just contact me for more details.

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Erotic hypnosis recordings sound comes in various forms from the nearly obsolete out dated audio cassette to CD’s and Mp3 downloads, instantly downloadable from the internet. Erotic hypnosis recordings sound comes in various forms from the nearly obsolete out dated audio cassette to CD’s and Mp3 downloads, instantly downloadable from the internet. The CD was introduced in 1982 and was to revolutionize the music and erotic hypnosis recordings sound industry due to its high quality digital sound. One was able to take a portable CD player almost anywhere, it was compact, light weight and the sound quality was by far superior to the audio cassette.

On the heels of the CD industry a company called Fraunhofer-Gesellshaft was developing the globally known Mp3 technology and began researching high quality, low bit-rate audio coding in 1987. The Mp3 would still not be ready for mass use at this time and a specialist Mr Karlheinz Brandenburg took several more years to fully develop the Mp3 codec. MP3 stands for Moving Pictures Expert Group 1 Audio Layer 3. Mp3 technology allows for the compression of normal CD audio file in WAV format and reduces the size of the file by a factor of ten to one. Which means you can store thousands of erotic hypnosis recordings in a small portable Mp3 audio player while previously a CD player could only hold one CD at a time.

Having an audio mp3 compression file means it is so much easier to access erotic hypnosis recordings directly from the internet, no time is wasted in ordering and waiting for the erotic hypnosis recordings to arrive in the form of cassette or CD that have to be sent out by post, they are just instantly there of course allowing for the download time. So many more erotic hypnosis recordings are available from erotic hypnotists from all over the world giving the listener greater scope to choose exactly what they are looking for.

Flash based mp3 players have no moving parts and that lessens the equipments ability to break down or fail, enabling constant functionality and endurance compared to a CD player and a need to renew batteries a lot more often. Of course another main advantage of Mp3’s is the fact that with the music industry you do not have to buy a complete album just chose your favourite song or in the case of this media chose your erotic hypnosis recordings singularly.