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Feminization hypnosis is featured here, hypnotic feminization taking you way beyond just the thought but transporting you into a crossdressing girl. Wonderful feminization hypnosis opens the doors you have been waiting for all this time. I also offer a discreet crossdressing service, for all of you crossdressing men. I welcome transvestites, transgender and transsexuals. My feminization hypnosis and crossdressing service welcomes you into my makeover boudoir, a discreet and friendly environment, where you can also experience feminization hypnosis at its best. Offering quality crossdressing service and feminization hypnosis from male to female, for men who love the glamorous experience of feminization hypnosis

The sumptuous and sultry voice of Madam Raison D’être infuses your mind from the first words of these recording. Instantly the silken embrace is apparent, and there is no doubt you are listening to an erotically passionate, hypnotic professional. The quality of sound, the layering and editing, is seamless. This enables the listener to progress unburdened and melt into trance and a deeply submissive state of subservient awe. The living Goddess is perfection and darkness, midnight and light with all of her feminization hypnosis recordings.

The induction over, you feel each verbose phrase brainwash you, subtle, effective, arousing and deeply intuitive. It is as though Madam Raison D’être knows all your secrets and all your thoughts, and she erases all doubts into her whirlwind of feminization hypnosis, go along and be swept away. A positive affirmation and celebration of the feminine, as she instructs you, guides you, teaches you and mesmerises you. I have never heard anything like it and I was quite utterly spellbound and enthralled.

T-girl Breast Enlargement - Feminization Hypnosis

Price: $33.00

T-girl Breast Enlargement - Feminization Hypnosis

This MP3 T-girl Breast Enlargement offers a deep feminization hypnosis induction as I take you down into a place of docile placidity and tranquil reflection. Over 50 minutes in length, the recording takes you on a journey into submission and obedience, while I make your breasts grow, and assume control of your body and of course, through your body, I also take control of your mind. Experience a new world with my t-girl breast enlargement opening up for you where you can be that woman you have always desired to be. After that, you will take my hand wherever I choose to lead you, won't you? Of course you will, after all you do want to be my girl with this excellent crossdresiing hypnosis.

Don't be scared, this is what you want what you have been waiting for. A sumptuous recording from a skilled hypnotist such as myself will lull you into feminization hypnosis. A will stronger than your own to make the impossible possible. Give in to temptation and listen to this mp3 t-girl breast enlargement. Your life will change forever! More Crossdressing hypnosis throughout this secion, please do listen to all of the wonderful clips and I know you will adore all of my feminization hypnosis mp3's.

Format: MP3 Erotic Hypnosis Recordings Download - Feminization Hypnosis
Vocal Sound Effects: Yes
Soft Background Music: Yes
Overdubbing Vocals: Yes
Length: 52 minutes

Feminization Hypnosis Mistress

Hypnotized Feminized - Feminization Hypnosis

Price: $33.00

Hypnotized Feminized - Feminization Hypnosis

Hypnotized Feminized is the perfect feminization hypnosis mp3 to uncover that extraordinary feminine woman that is deep inside you, wanting to live your life as you dream. It does not concern itself with who you want to be but more to the point in that person you really are. Hypnotized Feminized takes all of your senses into account from when you hear a favourite song; you know that one song that reminds you how to feel so feminine to tasting a ripened fruit with its juices oozing that entices the woman in you to come alive.

Smelling a perfume or scent which takes you to bygone times and how those smells remind you of your youth or a certain person that triggers the real female that you are with hypnotized feminized, the feminization hypnosis mp3 you get all of that and much more. A gentle lulling deepener allows you to slip into a deep sleep and hypnotized feminized enters your subconscious mind so deeply that the trigger words will carry on coming back to you time and time again. The ‘she’ in you, that girl you are desperate to be with NLP this mp3 feminization hypnosis recording will take there and further than you have been before.

Format: Hypnotized Feminized is a Feminization Hypnosis MP3 Download
Vocal: Sound Effects: Yes
Soft Background Music: Yes
Overdubbing Vocals: Yes
Length: 77 minutes
Girl In The Mirror - Feminization Hypnosis MP3

Price: $33.00

Girl In The Mirror - Feminization Hypnosis MP3

Feminization hypnosis recordings are mp3's of exception and 'Girl in the Mirror' is so perfect just for you. To become feminized by just looking into a mirror like the girl in my feminization hypnosis recording 'Girl in the Mirror, will have a profound effect upon you; it not only stimulates your mind but goes to the core of your inner being as well. Girl in the mirror arouses the physical body and in so doing sexual senses heighten to explosive crescendos. Hypnotic guided visualization and instructions complete with theta waves make this one of my extraordinary exceptional feminization hypnosis MP3's.

I will take your hand with my silken voice and lead you from the mundane every day toil and into the beautiful world of cross-dressing and feminization hypnosis with one of my many feminization hypnosis mp3's. Girl In the mirror with its stimulation and visualization will create a world where you really want to be, to see, to touch, feel and taste the girl hidden deep inside you. With this feminization hypnosis mp3 you will be charged, excited and anxious to listen to it over and over again. Feminization hypnosis recordings of this calibre are rare to say the least and this one offers 77 delicious minutes of utter escapism.

Below is a short video clip of my mp3 'Girl in the Mirror' please do listen to it and hear the quality of the recording which is excellent then just purchase the mp3 and become that girl in the mirror looking back at you. A symbiosis that is deep and real for both cross-dresser and hypnotist is a real emotional bond. Girl in the Mirror is one of Madam Raison D'être feminization hypnosis recordings which enhances the feelings of feminization to the point where you can actually feel yourself change, moving the body and influencing your thoughts, stepping into your mind and changing you into the girl in the mirror with this superb feminization hypnosis mp3.

This creates an intense feeling of belonging and intimacy that no one and nothing can break between you and the mistress with feminization hypnosis. Personality transformations are another common fantasy but can become a reality with the feminization hypnosis recordings. The girl within you often fantasizes about being freed from responsibilities or inhibitions and transformed into that beautiful girl in the mirror. Your transformed personality may be captive at the moment until you look into the mirror and all the emotions and dreams within are a mystical possibility with this feminization hypnosis recording. Once you start on the journey into the light the girl within you will never want to be captive again.

Format: Girl in the Mirror is a Feminization Hypnosis MP3
Vocal Sound Effects: Yes
Soft Background Music: Yes
Overdubbing Vocals: Yes
Length: 77 Minutes
Hypnotic Feminization - Feminization Hypnosis

Price: $33.00

Hypnotic Feminization - Feminization Hypnosis

Hypnotic Feminization hypnosis mp3 helps you to feel and act as a woman in society with certain trigger words or phrases. Feminization hypnosis techniques are useful and widely used among transvestites, the transgendered and transsexuals to bring out the true woman inside their bodies just one of an array of erotic hypnosis recordings. I will feminize your attitude, mind and self image. You want to be that girl who is hidden deep inside you. You want to feel like a woman, act like a woman because you are a woman with my feminization hypnosis.

Hypnotic feminization is a topic that either is of interest to you or not. I have found very few to just be curious the reasons to be feminized are complex. Even more so, the connection between the desire to be dominated by a woman, hypnotized, rendered helpless, and then transformed into a woman is almost overwhelming to some. I confess that I have been captured by that desire, the desire of hypnotic feminization and Madam Raison D’être. Finding a dominant woman that understands this connection has been difficult for me.

Many women hypnotists create feminization recordings, but only a few seem to understand how to balance the many elements in this complex topic in order to achieve an effective experience with feminization hypnosis but with Hypnotic Feminization the combination of Madam’s voice and knowledge have exceeded any of my expectations. The mistress, Madam Raison D’être understands this balance completely. Her results can leave you speechless. Her skills as a hypnotist are excellent. The induction is very well paced within hypnotic feminization using whisper tracks and background music very effectively.

Mistress draws you into the deepest of trances and once the trance is set, she begins the process of establishing a trigger phrase that left me powerless to resist, yet coming back for more of any of madam's feminization hypnosis with particular reference to hypnotic feminization. If you are so inclined, I believe that you will find this mistress’s Hypnotic Feminization mp3 to be an excellent jumping off point in the exploration of feminization.

The recording has very high production values, mistress's voice is very compelling, the induction draws you into a very deep trance, the triggers set assist you in repeated listening, and her hypnotic suggestions are very effective in creating a feminized state of mind with all of her feminization hypnosis mp3's and in particular to Hypnotic Feminization mp3. A review by Leather Girl. Hypnotic Feminization hypnosis mp3 helps you to feel and act as a woman in society with certain trigger words or phrases.

Feminization hypnosis techniques are useful and widely used among transvestites, the transgendered and transsexuals to bring out the true woman inside their bodies just one of an array of erotic hypnosis recordings. I will feminize your attitude, mind and self image. You want to be that girl who is hidden deep inside you. You want to feel like a woman, act like a woman because you are a woman with my feminization hypnosis. You will see the world as a woman and your mind is the most powerful part of you that will be hypnotized into becoming that beautiful girl.

The beautiful girl you have always wanted to be deep inside you. Hypnotic feminization hypnosis mp3 is a step closer to bringing yours dreams into a reality, I will use trigger words that will bring about a change in the way you think, the way you feel. Forced feminization hypnosis is ultimately powerful and with forced feminization hypnosis you will become my hypnotic girl unable and definitely not wanting to leave my feminization hypnosis world.

Format: MP3 Erotic Hypnosis Recordings Download - Hypnotic Feminization
Vocal Sound Effects: Yes
Soft Background Music: Yes
Overdubbing Vocals: Yes
Length: 46 minutes

Hypnotic Feminization Clip of Mp3

Girl In The Mirror - Feminization Hypnosis Recordings

One of my beautiful girls wrote this about this mp3 'Girl in the Mirror' and I thought it good to share it with you, enjoy. It all began as an erotic game of sorts. I was always confused as to exactly why the idea of wearing women’s clothes drew me back again and again. The fragrances, the sensuous feelings, and the raw femininity were all powerful stimulants but why? Where did it all come from? Even in childhood, before I even understood what it meant to be aroused, I found that I was aroused by simply dressing in women’s clothes.

The power it had over me. Uncontrollable it seemed. Again in childhood, I discovered in movies and television programs that hypnosis and feminization hypnosis in particular was another mysterious force, could take control of one’s life. Is this why? Had I been the subject of some feminizing hypnotist? And so I dreamt for quite some time until adulthood had removed most of the mystery and magic from my life. But the desire to crossdress remained. Controlled, compartmentalized or so I thought.

Madam changed that with her recordings Hypnotic Feminization and Crossdressing Hypnosis. She knew me better than I knew myself. In serving her, she has taken me into a world I only imagined. She introduced me to feminine elements I had not considered or recognized. In my latest assignment, I was to select two or three wigs to help transform an otherwise dull, male face. As I searched various websites for wigs, the choices in style and colour were endless. In the days that followed, I was attentive to the women I would encounter. Did I like the way she wore her hair. Did it appeal to me? I wonder how I would look with hair in that colour and cut? I made some choices as time was fading fast. But I continued looking and watching.

An astounding change had taken place. All attraction to members of the fairer sex was replaced with the constant question of would I like to wear that dress, that style hair, that colour makeup, those shoes, that bracelet, those earrings, etc. It had gone on for quite some time before I even realized what was happening. What’s more, it was not something I wanted to stop. It was not something I could stop and with feminization hypnosis and madam’s other erotic hypnosis recordings I just didn’t want it to ever stop.

Madam let me listen to a new recording the day before the wigs arrived. Called “Girl in the Mirror”, it was far more intense than her previous recordings. My feminization hypnotic trance was deep and profound. I was curious as to what instruction remained in my mind. My conscious mind was so relaxed that there was no memory of her words. The subconscious mind, was always listening to every word, every sigh. It had accepted every one of her wonderful suggestions. But I was unaware until I tried on the wigs.

The first wig was long and black, with bangs across the front. As I put it on, there was hair everywhere and I struggled to get it all back in place. I stepped to the mirror with brush in hand. As I looked at the image of the girl looking back, I was washed in wave after wave of the most feminine feelings. This was more than just wearing a wig. I could hardly move. As I brushed her hair I became that girl. What was happening to me? I needed to get dressed. And I did. And with each glimpse of the girl in the mirror, I shared, however imperfect, her feminine nature. How wonderful it felt as her long, black hair flowed down her sweater, over her breasts, rising slightly with each breath framing the pearl necklace that circled her neck. I didn’t want to move, it was fabulous, and I was fabulous with this my hypnotic feminization.

The second wig was short and silver blond. The hair fell straight with little assistance from the brush. With the application of red lipstick, for a moment I recognized a resemblance was she my sister, my aunt? Perhaps there was a slight resemblance and clearly feminine. My heart was racing. Is it possible that I could really be this woman? I am a woman. The reality was impossible to deny. The game like nature of this all ended in that moment. Is this the real me? I whispered, “I am the girl in the mirror” My thoughts, my desire, now my reality.

The third wig was shoulder length, bobbed, and golden blond. By now a feminine spirit was completely in control. Madam’s instructions, given to me through feminization hypnosis, were guiding me far beyond my previously male experience. I remained dressed for some time. It was unlike anything else I had experienced. There was a comfort and natural peace that I never have otherwise felt an inner calm, a feeling so wonderful that words cannot explain it. My mind jumped from fashion to jewellery, from makeup to grooming. Let me remain as this girl, Madam. Just 10 more minutes please I beg of you. I had to plead with my male self but the girl within me didn’t want to go back into the box, she cried and tried to fight him, she wanted to breathe and dance, sing like never before as happiness and contentment overwhelmed her but her time was at an end, for now anyway.

Heartbroken, my hands trembled as I returned to my male persona, dull, lifeless, until the next opportunity arose for me to be the ‘Girl in the Mirror’ to live again. But I understand now, all I have to do is look in the mirror and those beautiful eyes looking back are Myrnith’s eyes the girl hidden deep within me. Leather Girl

Feminization Hypnosis - Fantasy To Reality

Feminization hypnosis will turn your fantasy of being a woman into reality within your subconscious mind. A transformation with hypnotic relaxation and feminization hypnosis inductions soon will set you on the path to total feminization with these superb feminization hypnosis mp3’s. Step by step your mind and body will change; the mannerisms instilled within you from birth will be reconditioned to express your true self into a feminine beautiful woman. Self feminization hypnosis can cause a very natural change within your body as you listen your subconscious mind absorbs.

Every tiny feminine detail your mind and body will start to follow directions given by the subconscious mind. You want to change your attitude and feelings to be ultimately feminine. Feminization hypnosis is all about getting your subconscious mind to do the work making sure you are open to these suggestions and are receptive to all the changes that are going to take place. Everything from the way you talk to the way you walk and hold yourself. Remembering that habits of a life time can change but not overnight it has taken years for you to learn the habits of a male persona and to slowly reverse that is important taking each step at a time making sure you perfect the very essence of woman hood with feminization hypnosis.

Hypnotic Feminization Hypnosis Mistress

Mirror MistressBlond MistressFan MistressMistress

Feminization Hypnosis - Hypnotic Feminization Hypnosis

The feminization hypnosis language of this recording is also very impressive, the choice of words, and the descriptive flow, is all quite honestly tantamount to perfection. The perfectionist nature of this skilled hypnotic dominant demand it, and she delivers a payload that will blow you away, along with any inhibitions or fears you might have. The further impressive quality of this educational, transformational extravaganza of the mind and soul is that it leaves you with such very positive feelings about your feminization hypnosis nature.

It is not as others in the field would have it, a humiliating exercise in degradation, as though the female form for a male cross-dresser is something to be embarrassed by, as presenting yourself as less than man. It is rather more that this dominant understands! She knows why we cross-dressers have this fantasy, this need. She realises and helps the listener eschew all fallacy, excuse the light pun, and celebrate femininity, and feel liberated in the embrace of our desires to be feminine. This approach is just what this cross-dresser needed, very refreshing, at last a beautiful woman among us to teach us.

This is not some bratty cam girl who only wishes to humiliate and belittle us. This is a true living mistress who should be worshipped and applauded for her ability to understand the mindset and reinforce it with feminization hypnosis make the listener more confident with the desire, free of all those little fears, cowardice’s and inhibitions with her many feminization hypnosis mp3's. She allows the listener to bask in the fantasy, and feel proud of it. I am proud of it. I think this feminization hypnosis recording is the consummate recording for feminization hypnosis.

I feel wonderful listening to Madam Raison Detre and her take on feminization is a positive step forward that with feminization hypnosis and self awareness does not include any of the degrading, taunting or humiliating aspects that defile the other dominants works that I have heard. So I suppose I am saying finally that this feminization hypnosis recording is not only perfection for what it contains, but also made more perfect by what it does not contain. Oh and get your head around those triggers! I long to hear them again and again and they play in my mind during the day, repeating over and over. I feel better now, better about myself, better about my life, and better about my desires.

I feel very much loyal to Madam Raison Detre having listened to this, because she has made such a respectful, powerful and perfectly lovely feminization hypnosis mp3 to listen to. I recommend it to any man like myself, with fantasies or realities of being a cross-dresser, going through a process of feminization or sissification, as it is termed. Especially those who are tired of the same old worn out approach favoured by almost everyone else I have encountered. Thank you Madam Raison Detre! Bless you and I hope to walk in your light forever more. You are the living Goddess and I humbly submit to your whims! And of course your feminization hypnosis.

Cross-dressing Feminization Hypnosis

Cross-dressing feminization and feminization hypnosis are featured here. Hypnotic feminization taking you to that desired destination you have always wanted. Feminization hypnosis with hypnotic feminization enhances and makes you so much more of that girl you want to be, giving you confidence that will both with time and practice of feminization hypnosis you will become more convincingly female and achieve your goal successfully.

There is so much written about cross-dressing but not so much about your cross dressing subconscious mind and how it is just the tip of the iceberg compared to your conscious mind. Feminization hypnosis can and will change all of that forever. At present you may be inhibited and worried about what people might think, don't be with cross-dressing hypnosis and feminization hypnosis you will have the confidence to hold you head high and feel comfortable in your own skin, that pretty soft hair free skin of course that is powered and perfumed.

Feminization Hypnosis is a hypnotic technique that can be used by all you lovely cross-dressing girls. Transvestites and transsexuals will be able to help themselves become even more feminine, physically and mentally by my use of subliminal suggestions within my feminization hypnosis sessions, which reinforces these changes throughout my recordings. The reinforcement of my feminization hypnosis draws attention to re-programming the mind and brings out your most delicious feminine side with encouragement and reassurance.

Feminization hypnosis is not just about your psychological mind but also emphasizes physiological changes which can be made. Feminization hypnosis communicates directly with the brain and delves deeply into your subconscious mind to open all doors you may have tightly closed or hidden away for so long. Now is the time to open those doors and communicate with that beautiful girl within.